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    MISSION - At Arts Touching Lives, we foster hope, healing, and faith. We inspire historically underserved communities with enthralling family-friendly stage and film productions.

    VISION - To inspire and transform broken lives through performing arts; healing where it hurts.
    Atrs Touching Lives produces an array of live and virtual stage plays both original and established to bring celebration to any occasion. From conception to curtain close, we work with our clients to write, cast, and produce their creative vision, bringing it to life with the roaring applause it deserves.

  • Arts Touching Lives believes that every person deserves a chance to shine, a place that is safe and free from negativity, and an environment where fun and hard work combine into amazing experiences, both on and off stage.
  • Arts Touching Lives believes we are as diverse as the community we serve and where all members of the family that endeavors to produce high quality originally written films and theater productions that are more than amazing and entertaining, but are educational, inspirational, real life and uplifting to the soul.
  • Arts Touching Lives believes the impossible becomes possible through the combined efforts of our families, our sponsors, and most of all, the actors who shine onstage.
  • Arts Touching Lives is a place where everyone can be their true selves authentically and without fear, and be embraced and encouraged to grow and flourish.


Esther Lovelace

Our Founder and President

 Esther Lovelace’s journey began in a small town of Wiesbaden, Germany. Born of an African American father stationed in the country in the military and a promiscuous single German native mother, Esther was left in an orphanage abandon, isolated , and lonely until she was later reunited with her father with the assistance of his mother. One would assume the reunion would be joyous, but it resulted in her being raised in a household scared by mental and physical abuse. As a means of escaping the disappointments and frustrations of her home life during her teen years she engulfed herself in the Arts, engaging in such activities as modern dance and stage plays which became her passion.

During this portion of her journey , it was through her faith in Jesus Christ and scriptures such as Philippians : 4: 13, “ I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” That encouraged her to pursue and fulfill her destiny in life by presenting stage plays in several states . She learned the true meaning of faith , fortitude and perseverance which later formed the foundation of her plays, songs and first film . 
She used hard work and a continuous desire to display her ability as a playwright in 2009 her perseverance paid off with the production of “ The Master Plan “ which was performed at a local church to the delight , encouragement, and applause of a packed out audience. From that point she continued to write as she does currently. She knew Gods calling for her was to minister to His people by writing plays and making films that offered practical and realistic life stories that people really loved and related to. She continued to write other plays , the latest of which is , “ Anger Management “ and “ Man Cave “ and completed the script for her first film “ Destiny “ . 
She’s been actively engaged in ministry for 25 years traveled to multiple states, and have raised three beautiful daughters and have three grandchildren. Through all of the challenging experiences of her past as well as dealing with the realities of being a mother and a Christian in a secular world her faith became stronger and she kept writing material as part of a team and eventually by herself. As a commitment to perfecting her craft she’s attended film school and theater writing classes. She’s been blessed to delight audiences with a unique brand of spiritual enlightenment and entertainment she’s also devoted a portion of her time to ministering to those in need of Gods grace, helping feed the homeless, as well as visiting hospitals to encourage the sick and shut in. 

She practices the belief identified in the bible . She has acquired many supporters of her work which is a unique blend of spiritual hope and down home humor that continues to shape these inspiring life stories. When you see her you see a women who has not forgotten about her journey or the people that have helped her along the way. More importantly, through the plays and scripts written you see the redemptive plan of GOD lived out in the characters portrayed.


  1. Integrity  Psalms 25:21 Let integrity and uprightness preserve me. We do what is right even when no one is watching. This core value comes first for a reason. Without integrity, we will not have the impact that we desire. We take this very seriously. We should always do what we say we will do , be on time and at all designated rehearsals ect…We will extend grace when it comes to mistakes and errors, giving people a chance to grow and improve in their jobs. We are not as tolerant of violations in this area. We need to know we can depend and trust our coworkers without question.
  2. Excellence  Psalms133:1 How pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. We are constantly redefining our goals, expectations, boundaries, and potential. Our team’s talents and performance vary from person to person. We simply believe that regardless of your talent or performance today, you should want to be better tomorrow. We want teammates that are constantly striving to learn and growing in the spirt of unity and excellence. 
  3. Team Worker Development  Matthew 23:12 He that shall humbles himself shall be exalted. We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and enables people to reach their full potential. As a company, we want to meet our team workers where they are as they strive for excellence our goal is to provide the resources and inspiration required to “move” them forward on their path. Sometimes this means they advance within our company and sometimes it means they move on to other opportunities. Either way, we want to help!
  4. Spiritual Growth  Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. We provide the opportunity for all to know God and make Him known. No one who works in our company is required to believe what we believe. However, we make it clear early on that God is the owner of our company. Therefore, all that we do centers around Him. We will not force anyone to believe, but they will certainly have opportunities to hear. 
  5. Community Impact  Matthew 25: 40 In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren , ye have done it unto me. We use our talents and treasures to make a difference in those who need it most. We believe we are part of the community in which we work and therefore have the responsibility to give back to that community rather in giving of our time, gifts and talents.  





DESCRIPTION: Have you ever asked yourself or come to the conclusion, there must be something or someone far greater than yourself? Do angels really exist? Can
that greater thing be responsible for creating us and everything we see? “ Suddenly” is a documentary based on true life stories, of individuals that have had encounters with a very real God who intervened in their behalf in the most amazing ways. And now their forever changed.



This film centers around the main characters, Destiny and her baby sister, Melissa who were living a very prestigious life in a gated community of Scottsdale, Arizona. One quiet winter evening their lives are changed forever as their thrusted into a life of abusive foster care and homelessness. This story is one of hope, reconciliation and strength as it reflects the resiliency of the human spirit and the
power of a sisters love

Man Cave

"Man Cave"


DESCRIPTION: Newlyweds Sheri and Marcus collaborate weekly with friends, in an effort to enhance relationships. The game is "Pictionary".  Losers must treat the other team (Kings) in their "Man Cave", or (Queens) in their "She Shed". This hilarious comedy reveals the secrets you've always wondered about men and the keys to long lasting relationships. How do men really think? What do women really want? Join us as this battle unfolds. Secret's out!



The Family That Prays Together Stays Together


1) How do I audition for ATL?

Arts Touching Lives holds open auditions throughout the year on a show by show basis.  All you need to do is e-mail the Production Manager your resume and headshot and a clip of a previous film or play to or call 602-814-1508 for more information. We will contact you back if chosen for the second half of the audition process.

2) What I need to be prepared for auditions:
  • Audition Form will need to be picked up and filled out at the day of audition. Please note, that ALL potential conflicts must be given to the manager prior to auditions
  • Headshot (does not need to be a professional, but must be a clear front facing head and shoulders pose, with a white background, and no other people or things in the photo. Try taking a headshot - these photos are often used in the program)
  • Performing Arts Resume (if you have one)
  • ATL may have up to 1-3 musicals a year.
  • For musicals, we want to hear you sing! Be prepared with a song.
  • We will provide an accompanist (you must provide your own sheet music)
  • Other accompaniment options: you can bring a CD (we will have a CD player available) or you can provide an MP3 player.
  • You may prepare anything from 16 bars or less, not an entire song. 
  • Dress to move in appropriate attire to dance. Do not wear sandals or skirts. If you choose to bring a change of clothes, changing areas will be provided to do so. In addition, we recommend that you bring a bottle of water to remain hydrated and energized. Remember, the key to a great performing arts audition is being prepared!
  • For non-musicals, neither singing nor a prepared monologue is required. 
  • During your audition you will be filmed for present and future references.  

3) What happens after I audition and how will I know if I am selected for a role?

  1. If your audition is selected, you will receive a 'call back' which will include the time and date to return. If your audition is not selected, you will be notified of our decision via e-mail.
  2. In a group setting you will be asked to read scenes, sing, and possibly learn dance routines in preparation for the show.
  3. Call back attire is the same as audition attire. Dress to move. Do not wear sandals or skirts. If you choose to bring a change of clothes, changing areas will be provided.
  4. Bring a bottle of water to remain hydrated and energized.

Please do not be discouraged if you are not called back!

Often times, we simply don't have enough parts for the many people who audition, and auditioning is a matching process. It is important that we carefully match individual actors with scripted characters that have specific qualities envisioned by the playwright.

4) What are the expectations if I am cast in a show?

You will be expected to attend ALL scheduled rehearsals, The 2 weekends before the show opens is the beginning of tech week for full rehearsals. Saturday being a 6-8 hour day.

No food or beverages aside from bottled water is permitted at rehearsal or production times. Everything that belongs to you must go home with you. We are NOT responsible for lost, left, or stolen items. All electronic devices are to be turned off at all times to maintain production quality.


  • No Refunds - ATL maintains a firm policy of no ticket refunds. For this reason, we urge all ticket holders to make every effort to attend. Ticketed seat assignments are not guaranteed past curtain. 
  • No Outside Food or Drinks Allowed -  We do not allow outside food or drink in the theatres. Water and concessions are for sale. Only water is allowed inside the house. 
  • Cellular Phones/Electronic Devices - In consideration of other patrons, please silence all cellular phones and other electronic devices when you enter the theatre. 
  • Cameras/Recording Devices -  The use of cameras and/or recording devices in the theatre is strictly prohibited .If you need assistance or have any questions, please call and we will gladly help you! Thanks for supporting Arts Touching Lives  


Ticket sales cannot completely cover the costs of underwriting our numerous programs. Your generous contributions are critical to our work. With your community-building gifts of service we drive our mission of inspiring the community at large with a high level of artistry and innovative productions. All donations directly impact our production efforts; only private funds can make these programs possible so we want to thank you in advance for helping to support the arts.


 7340 E Legacy Blvd
Scotttsdale az 85255


Phone: 602-814-1508

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Any feedback welcome. Please send us your suggestions, and impact statements.